The car suspension system is designed to absorb the shock and push the wheels towards the ground when they lift due to a road bump. The suspension system of your vehicle consists of the tires, air, shock absorbers, springs, and the linkages that connect the vehicle body to the wheels. Without a proper suspension system, ride quality and road handling cannot improve any further. But some drivers tend to overlook the importance of the car suspension system.

Even a Victorian-ear carriage, known for the rough ride they offer, has a suspension-like system to guarantee the comfort of the passengers. Just imagine the same ride in your car with a much higher speed compared to the speed of a horse carriage! Without the modern vehicle suspension system, you should experience a bone-breaking bumpy ride every time you get into a vehicle. In fact, the overall driving quality will decline and become dangerous without a proper suspension system. Just imagine what will happen when the car takes a sharp turn – the inside wheels will surely lift off the ground and result in a side roll.

Most people recognise the words related to car suspension without understanding exactly what they mean. Luxury cars have a more comfortable and smoother suspension, and sports cars offer better performance. Some of the latest car models provide the opportunity to switch between suspension modes. Koni offer a range of shock absorbers from comfort, to 4×4 to sport and performance.

Performance Options

A performance suspension makes a big difference in your car’s driving quality. It could be good or bad depending on what you expect from your vehicle. The suspension system of a sports vehicle is somewhat tighter and stiffer compared to the normal car’s suspension system. It is because there is less play in the vehicle’s suspension mechanisms. In fact, it is less able to absorb the impact of bumps on the road.

The benefit of this is the driver can handle the car more aggressively, and it minimises factors such as body roll – which is noticeable when cornering the car too fast. Some of the most capable cornering sports cars like the Lotus Elise does this with expert precision. To get this type of performance, the driver needs to sacrifice more comfortable ride quality.

Comfort Suspensions

A comfort suspension system is more comfortable for the driver and passengers just like the name implies. The dampers and springs have more flexibility which allows the car to absorb as much of the imperfections on the road as possible. With a comfortable suspension, the driver may feel the weight of the vehicle as he or she corners the vehicle. This is the main difference between a performance suspension system and a comfort suspension system.

Choosing The Right Suspension System

Choosing the right suspension system for your car depends on what you really want from the vehicle. If you want a sportier driving experience, you need a harder suspension system for your vehicle. On the other hand, if you want comfort and luxury, you should opt for a comfort suspension system. But the latest car models have begun offering both suspension systems so that you get the best of both worlds.

In fact, you don’t have to understand each mechanical component of the suspension system to enjoy the comfort it offers. If you have driven a car with an extremely hard or extremely soft suspension system, chances are you already know the actual difference between a comfort suspension and a performance suspension system.

The car’s suspension system plays an important part in guaranteeing the comfort and performance of your vehicle. With the suspension system, it would be impossible to speak about road handling and ride quality. The aforementioned article provides information on the actual difference between performance and comfort suspensions.