Finding a job is a daunting task. However, the good news is that guidance from the right people can make the process less daunting. Our recruitment agencies are among the best resources you can take advantage of when looking for a job. Would you like to know how recruitment agencies work? If so, read on to find out more about them and some tips to help you work with a recruitment agency:

What is a recruitment agency?

A recruitment agency is an organization that matches candidates to job vacancies working directly with companies to find people who will fill the vacant positions available in these companies. Their consultants look for new opportunities, edit and optimise CVs and help candidates prepare well for interviews.
Essentially, these agencies streamline the job-hunting process.

How Do Recruitment Agencies Work?

Recruitment agencies work in different ways:
First of all, a company will contact a recruitment agency telling them that they have a vacancy. After this, the agency will choose to:
i) Search for matching candidates in their current database or
ii) Post the job on the internet to find applicants with the skills needed
After outsourcing suitable candidates, the agency will send them through to the company for approval and schedule interviews for the best-matching candidates.

How Can I join a recruitment agency?

Even though most of the agencies will let you go into the office to sign up for work, it is better to contact the agency in advance and make an appointment. This will help you ensure that the agency has a role or role in your industry. Also, keep in mind that some recruitment agencies do not have traditional shop fronts. As such, meetings need to be pre-arranged.
Alternatively, if you have added your CV to an online database, recruitment consultants may inform you that they have a role in your industry. If you are looking for a recruitment agency then see The Recruitment Lab Brighton.

How do I apply for a Job through a Recruitment Agency?

The recruitment consultant will act as a middleman between you and your potential employer. The consultant will send in your CV and put you forward for a job interview.
If your job application is successful, they will help you prepare for your job interview and give you tips and pointers including giving you directions and advising you on what to wear for a job interview. Therefore, you will walk into a job interview feeling well prepared as you will have everything you need to succeed in a job interview.

Why Should I Use a Recruitment Agency?

There are many benefits of finding a job through a recruitment agency. First of all, recruitment agencies have developed a good relationship with most of the top employers and this gives you exclusive access to the vacant positions available in these companies. Besides, you will also be put forward for positions that you would not have heard about. Other benefits of using a recruitment agency include:
Expert interview coaching
CV and cover letter advice
Constructive feedback from each interview and employer
Being put forward for any relevant roles that come up
Specialist advice for your field

What If I See A Recruitment Agency Advertising A Role?

Recruitment agencies mostly post their vacancies on the internet. Anyone can apply for these job positions but it does not mean that you will be signing up to the recruitment agency as a result. Although the roles recruitment agencies advertise will be job positions available in other companies, most of these agencies will only state the name of the company when you reach the interview stage.

How Much Do Recruitment Agencies Charge Candidates?

A recruitment agency should not charge anything from the candidates. Consultants are paid by the employers and get their fee based on whether you have successfully started in a vacant position. There should be no payment directly from the individual.