The cost of going to UK universities has increased significantly over the years, and with many departments hiring specialists from the different faculties, students need proper support from people other than administrators and academics.

With This Be Interesting To You?

This is likely going to be the perfect job for anyone that isn’t in academia, someone that is unable to handle a permanent research position or go on the lecturing circuit, mainly because they may not have a flexible schedule that will allow them to travel from home. It is ideal for people that want to be part of the University System, and all of the systems and procedures involved with that system, which is why PhD students would be perfect for this type of job. Any PhD student that has experience working with students understands that these individuals will need extra support along the way.

You can get this type of job through many different routes. If you are a person that has experience within the University administration, such as working with admissions or recruitment, this would be perfect, and you should also have some background in providing counselling for those that are looking for a new career. You could look for any student support assistant roles.

Different types of knowledge you will need

There are three defined skills that you will certainly need to have to do this job. Operating within the hierarchies of the University, and negotiating with others regarding procedures and policies, is something that candidates for this job should understand and a developmental level, especially when providing this information and direction to others. If you can work with administrators and managers, plus all of the academics that will be there, you should be able to talk their language to be effective.

Organising information should also be part of your repertoire of skills, especially with interacting with multiple students that you will be responsible for daily. You must have a system for keeping track of your records, both online and off-line, providing a paper trail of what you are doing regarding distressed students and dealing with sensitive issues.

That really is the final aspect of this particular job that you should consider: will you be excited to work with young people daily? Although you are not going to be directly involved in teaching materials in classes, you should be able to offer assistance, support, and your own personal skills to improve their overall experience. Negotiating in these bureaucratic systems should also be easy for you, plus the ability to lend a sympathetic ear when needed. There are some problems that can be traumatic, as well as frustrating, so empathy and a great deal of patience will certainly be needed.

Can this be a challenging position?

It is so important for candidates of this job to understand that finding the proper balance between offering support to needy students and helping others that may not need as much help, is going to be somewhat daunting. This is a position that will inevitably feel like you are being pulled in different directions by parents, students, academics, and the policymakers at the University. On the plus side, however, you are never going to have two days that are identical and it will also never be boring!