The Importance Of Specialist Security Fencing In Prisons

In order to properly protect the perimeter of any type of property, it is best to use security fencing. This type of fencing is not only a physical barrier but also acts as a psychological barrier as well. In prisons, this type of fencing is quite important. It will ensure that prisoners stay within the prison as well as ensure that other persons can’t get into the prison from outside. Specialist security fencing is the best option and is fully approved by the Ministry of Justice.

The Features Of Specialist Security Fencing That Set It Apart From Other Types Of Fencing

Difficult To Climb Or Scale

The best type of perimeter fencing is one that is very difficult to climb or scale. However, specialist prison fencing is actually a lot harder to scale. This is because this type of fencing has a mesh design that doesn’t provide any places for feet or hands to make climbing easier. Therefore, it is essentially impossible for anyone to climb this type of fence. It makes it quite effective at ensuring people don’t get in to deliver contraband and prisoners can’t get out. If you are in the UK then you should see fencing installation UK.

Very Difficult To Cut Or Cut Through

Next, if an intruder is unable to climb over a fence, they will then attempt to cut it. However, specialist security fencing will prevent this and the only way this type of fence can be cut is with extremely heavy-duty tools. Also, even if intruders use these types of tools, your security will hear them doing so and will be able to handle them accordingly.

Installation Process Is Extremely Safe

Specialist security fencing is constructed in a special way to ensure that prisons are always safe. Steel cladding and double skinned cladding can also be installed for additional protection. This will make this type of fencing even more difficult to break. The fence panels are also installed in a certain way to prevent breaches of any kind. These panels are bolted onto particularly designed posts that make it impossible for intruders to remove them using normal tools. This adds to the safety and security of the fencing and the prison as a whole.