Get New Customers Through Search

One of the more immediate things an e-commerce website can bring to the table is its ability to attract more prospective customers. With an e-commerce website, you can get more people to your site through SEO or “Search Engine Optimisation.”

SEO is the process of getting your website ranking higher within the organic search engine results through both on-site and off-site strategies.

There was a study conducted by Business Insider that showed the majority of consumers are actively using a search engine throughout the buying journey. They are doing this to research their options. Therefore, if your business is not currently ranking as high as possible within the search engines for buying keywords within your industry, you are missing out on a large percentage of the marketplace.

Getting your website to show up within the organic results is one of the best things you can do for your business. Getting an e-commerce website set up is one of the best things you can do to increase your site’s rankings.

To get your website to appear high within the search engine rankings, you’ll need to have a registered URL. You should also look into eCommerce site development.

Once you get your website registered and up and running, there are plenty of different strategies you can use to get your website ranking as high as possible for buying keywords.

A lot of small businesses generate great results by prioritising local SEO to improve foot traffic to their brick and mortar locations.

Make Money Online

When it comes to how an e-commerce site can help, it’s basic math. By offering your products and/or services in more places, you will increase your chances of making more sales. Anyone that does most of their shopping online isn’t going to respond well to a business that doesn’t do business online. By starting an e-commerce storefront, you can expand your operations and cater to a new audience to generate more sales and revenue for your business.

Along with the sales you make at brick and mortar locations, you will have a brand new income generator that will maximise your sales potential.

Who Is Doing Their Shopping Online? Here Is Some Data:

Millennials and Gen X.

Both of these generations are doing a lot of their shopping online. These generations account for 50% more online shopping time per week than older generations.

Everyone Else.

This includes everyone from Baby Boomers to Seniors. All of these generations are also using online shopping. While 56% of all Gen X would rather do shopping online, there are high percentages within the Baby Boomer and Senior generations too. 41% of baby boomers and 28% of seniors prefer to shop online.

All Geographies.

Believe it or not, but those that can be found in major cities typically do the majority of their shopping online. They tend to spend more money online than those in rural or even suburban areas.


Men tend to do the majority of their shopping online. They spent as much as 28% more than women in the past year.

As you can tell from the data, there are more and more people shopping online than ever before. No matter what market segment you are serving, it’s pertinent to get selling online.

Better Convenience

Another good thing that you get from selling online and having an e-commerce website is the ability to cater to those that want to shop online. You need to cater to the wants and needs of your customers and target market. If they want to shop online, you need to give them the option. Otherwise, they will find a business that caters to them. By having an e-commerce site, you can make the customer experience a much more enjoyable one.

Along with all of this, you will be able to include all of the pertinent information about your business on your website. You can include everything from the address to your hours of operation. All of these things can improve the customer experience.

24/7 Salesperson

The fact is, an e-commerce website should be and will be your number one sales tool. After all, it’s meant to sell your products or services. Your online website is never going to sleep. You can provide customers with the ability to shop at your store 24/7. It doesn’t matter where they are in the world nor does it matter if your business is officially open, you will be making sales 24/7.