What You Need To Know Before Getting A Guard Dog For Protection

If you would like to have a dog to protect you, look for a guard dog that can be trained for protection. But this may not be such a good idea as you could also consider getting a regular canine and hope he has the right instincts to protect you. So what is the answer? Here are some of the things you need to know before deciding to get a guard dog for protection.

Is it a Good Idea to Get a Guard Dog?

It is very difficult to train a dog to protect you by being vicious to intruders while at the same time being sure that he will be non-threatening towards your friends, family members, and normal strangers. To strike the right balance is a challenging task that needs advanced dog training and you may not be happy with the extreme tactics used by some dog trainers to achieve the desired results. You may find it incredibly difficult to watch your puppy being subjected to painful methods like wearing a shock collar just for the sake of learning how to protect you in the future.

Some trained guard dogs may also become alert when startled and react to ordinary situations that they perceive as threatening. For example, you don’t need your dog to react viciously whenever a friend comes over for a visit or your spouse comes home from work. If this behaviour gets out of hand it will affect your quality of life and you may have to spend more money on training to correct these undesirable reactions.

Having said that, you may be fortunate enough to find a guard dog that will fit in well with your lifestyle while performing the duties of protection. Like all dogs, guard dogs are capable of forming incredibly strong bonds with their owners. Even though they are constantly on guard for threats, they can be very playful, loving, and a lot of fun to have around. For many people, the ideal guard dog is both a form of security and a loving companion. Some people tend to have guard dogs to protect their outdoor area. If you are considering getting a guard dog that will predominantly be outside then you should see ‘how to protect dog in hot weather‘.

Best Breeds for Guard Dogs

Certain dog breeds have natural instincts to protect their owners and homes. They are smart, trainable, and when kept in good health they will protect you and your family whenever a threat appears. Here are some of the dog breeds to consider if you are looking to train a dog to protect you:

• Akita
• Bullmastiff
• German Shepherd and other Shepherd breeds
• Doberman Pincher
• Belgian Malinois

These natural guard dogs, referred to as “guardian breeds”, will instinctively alert you of danger or when there is an intruder in your home. They may also take action to protect you by attacking a person who tries to hurt you. However, they should also be trained to obey you so that you can have control over a situation or when the dog has misjudged a threat. A great example of an obedient and loyal guard dog is a Belgian Malinois. This is an ideal choice for a single woman who will feel safer with a protective companion by her side.

While looking for a dog breed that is known for its natural protective instincts, it is also important to know about common health issues that are prevalent among certain breeds. German Shepherds for example are known to develop hip problems and arthritis that can sometimes lead to paralysis. This doesn’t mean that you should avoid these types of dogs but you should be aware that certain dog breeds are prone to potential health issues in the future. If you work with a professional dog breeder who will provide you with proper documentation you will know if the dog’s parents had health issues. If not, your dog may be able to avoid them as well.