The Importance Of A Company’s HR Department

Strategic Management

The HR department in a company is quite important since they understand how employees impact the success of an organization. It is important for the leaders of a company to have a good level of knowledge in HR strategic management so that they can make the best decisions when it comes to assessing current staff and future staff along with business demands.


HR also has compensation specialists that create the compensation structure for the company based on the salaries paid by other similar businesses in the same geographic area and industry. This is based on what other companies are willing to pay for particularly skilled employees and competitive wages. These specialists also do in-depth surveys and research to maintain the cost of compensation according to the company’s projected revenue and ongoing financial standing.


The benefits specialists will also look at ways to lower the company’s cost when it comes to hiring new and replacement workers, attrition and turnover. They are essential because they have the needed skills to negotiate the benefits packages for staff according to the budget of the company and current economic position. They are also aware of the employee benefits that will help to attract as well as keep workers. This will lower the cost of dealing with hiring and training new workers, turnover rates and attrition.

Risk Management And Safety

All employers need to provide working conditions that are safe and secure for their employees. Therefore, workplace safety and risk management specialists are important to ensure that the company remains compliant according to US Occupational Safety and Health regulations. This is done via creating and maintaining work logs, programs that lower rates of fatalities and injuries in the workplace etc. These specialists will also need to regularly talk to employees on the safe methods of handling hazardous materials and equipment.

Reducing Liability

Relations specialists are necessary to lower the company’s potential liability when it comes to employee allegations of unfair or poor employment practices. These specialists basically identify, thoroughly investigate and solve issues in the workplace that could easily get out of control and make the company involved in legal issues that relate to state and federal harassment and anti-discrimination laws.


Training and development specialists are in charge of orienting new employees which is very important for the relationship between the employee and company. This part of HR focuses on training and development so that the company always engages in fair employment practices. It is also done to help employees progress into management and supervisory positions.

Overall Employee Satisfaction

Employee relations specialists are necessary to ensure the company improves morale, employee satisfaction and encourages employees to be high performance. This is done to improve the bond between employees and the employer. To achieve this, focus groups are developed, opinion surveys are taken and the thoughts and opinions of employees are recorded with respect to job satisfaction.

Recruiting and Onboarding

HR recruiters are responsible for finding new potential employees through screening resumes, booking interviews and onboarding new employees. They will usually find the best ways to recruit new employees by figuring out the best tracking system for the company.


All HR professionals work with the hiring manager in order to positively impact the hiring process and decision making based on the needs of the company. They also help managers that are not up to date on the company’s hiring process and ensure that good candidate are given suitable offers. If you are looking for HR software then you may be interested in HR bamboo.


Lastly, HR staff ensure that the company is always in compliance with federal state employment law. They do all of the important documentation to ensure that the employees can legally work in the United States. Additionally, they also make sure that if the company gets state or federal contracts that they also remain in compliance with the necessary regulations and laws. This is done by creating action plans, applicant flow logs and impact analyses.