• Remove Dead Branches

A tree with either a dead or weak branch needs to be removed or pruned. Doing this will help improve the overall health of the tree, and protect property; such as utility lines, road users, and private property. The surgeon is in a better position to understand the branch that needs to be removed with those that will improve or are healthy. On the other hand, a surgeon is better equipped to climb and remove the branch safely.

Removing dead or weak branches is beneficial to the tree. Moreover, if a tree is straggling, the surgeon will remove some branches to prevent it from collapsing. Remember, using chainsaws and other sharp equipment while suspended in the air is a potential danger. Experienced tree surgeons understand the risks associated with this task.

• Safety

Tree surgeons are physically fit. That is because a large part of their job is to climb trees while using correct safety equipment. For example, a tree surgeon will never climb a tree without using a safety helmet and harness. If the tree surgeon is busy, it means that they will have to climb the trees multiple times. They must do this safely.

• Removing Tree

Although the first priority of a tree surgeon is to do everything they can to save a tree, sometimes due to different factors, they will not have any choice but rather remove a tree completely. If the tree is large, the whole process will demand focus due to the dangers associated with it. For them to do it safely, they will have to do it in different stages.

The first step will involve climbing on top of a tree and removing its branches one by one. The surgeon will begin at the top of the tree working their way down the tree. Of course, this task will involve several people. Different people will have different tasks. For example, one of the tasks will involve protecting the public, another one will involve shredding the branches, and so on.

The moment the branches have been removed, the climber will begin to cut the trunk above them and working their way down. If you are in Southampton and need a tree removal Service then see ‘ tree removal Southampton‘.

• Clearing and Cleaning

Anytime a branch or a tree is removed, vegetation from the tree must be cleaned and cleared. On the other hand, if you want to develop land or manage a specific project, tree surgeons can help you clear your land. This process will ensure the site is completely cleared of trees and other vegetation.

• Stump Removal

Removing a tree stump can be a challenging endeavour. However, because a tree surgeon owns specialised tools and equipment, they are in a better position to do this efficiently.

• Planting Trees

A tree surgeon does not only prune or remove trees; they also help in planting trees. Therefore, if you wish to plant trees and looking for a professional to do this for you, you should consider tree surgeons. That is because they have the knowledge needed regarding different species of trees. Sometimes, planting a tree may involve the use of supports, cables, and even heavy machines.